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Wouter Fourie talks about Retirement on SAFM (1July2016)

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Is a five-year fixed deposit for you?

Share this!Is a five-year fixed deposit for you? PERSONAL FINANCE / 25 Jun ’16, 07:15am Martin Hesse Banks are offering relatively high interest rates on five-year fixed deposits, and it may be tempting to invest in one. But make sure your decision is an informed one. Any investment has its advantages and disadvantages, and, depending

Risk profiles are risky, advisers admit

Share this! FINANCIAL PLANNING / 18 Jun ’16, 07:25am Laura du Preez All the major providers of financial products still require your financial adviser to complete an investment risk questionnaire before they will accept investment applications from their clients, despite the fact that these questionnaires are “fundamentally flawed”, the annual conference of the Financial Planning

How do know if you are being duped in an investment? (19May2016)

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Nenegate gee party vet wins (May2016)

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