Retirement Planning

Recent research done by insurers in South Africa indicate that only about 6% of people can retire financially independent. Fortunately, it is never too late to start saving for retirement – but it is critically important that you do start. The sooner the better.

Considering that most of us will live considerably longer during retirement due to the progress in medical science, the amount you need to save for retirement could be a substantial amount.

Ascor® wants to help you make your retirement one you have earned and would enjoy.

We offer the following assistance:

  • Establishing and articulating your retirement goals

  • Calculate and assess what you need to save to achieve these goals

  • Draft a retirement plan detailing the process and road to financial independence

  • Manage your retirement investment portfolio to improve growth without taking unnecessary investment risks

  • Utilize tax allowances to assist in providing for retirement, by having SARS subsidize a portion of retirement contributions

  • Monitor your progress towards your retirement goals

  • Draft a monthly income and expense budget

  • Structure the withdrawal from your retirement funds to avoid paying unnecessary taxes

  • Preserve current pension and provident savings when you transfer employment

Many retirees underestimate the effect of inflation on the longevity of their retirement funds. For this reason, you need to take care to do your retirement calculations properly and as accurately as possible. If you run out of funds during retirement, chances are that you cannot be re-employed to earn income.


The Ultimate Guide to Retirement in South Africa

The Ultimate Guide Retirement 2nd Edition 2019 front cover

A great tool to assist you in preparing for retirement is the best-seller book ‘The Ultimate Guide to Retirement in South Africa’.

The book is co-authored by one of our founding members, Wouter Fourie, along with acclaimed financial journalist Bruce Cameron.

More details concerning this book can be found by accessing the website


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