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Part 5: Why pay for professional advice?

Financial advisors play a crucial role in guiding clients through the complexities of long-term financial planning.


By Martin de Kock CA(SA) CFP®
Director of Ascor® Independent Wealth Managers


Long-term financial planning is paramount for individuals seeking to secure their financial future and achieve important milestones such as retirement, education funding, wealth preservation, and wealth transition. Financial advisors play a crucial role in guiding clients through the complexities of long-term financial planning.

In the first article published on this topic, the following five essential reasons for paying for advice were identified:

  • Professional expertise;

  • Personalised financial planning;

  • Risk management;

  • Long-term financial goals; and

  • Emotional support and discipline.

Here are key aspects highlighting the significance of financial advisors in assisting clients in planning for long-term financial goals:

Setting clear financial goals

Financial advisors assist clients in defining clear and achievable long-term financial goals. By understanding a client’s aspirations, timeline, and risk tolerance, advisors work with them to establish specific financial objectives that act as the foundation for a comprehensive financial plan. These goals may include retirement savings targets, investment milestones, or legacy planning objectives.

Developing tailored wealth accumulation strategies

To help clients reach their long-term financial goals, financial advisors design tailored wealth accumulation strategies that align with the client’s objectives and risk profile. These strategies encompass investment diversification, asset allocation, and regular portfolio reviews to ensure that the client’s assets are growing steadily over time while managing risks effectively. Understanding investment risk and the impact on the growth of underlying investments is critical in the wealth accumulation stage of life.

Retirement and estate planning expertise

One key area where financial advisors excel is retirement and estate planning. Advisors help clients create retirement income drawdown strategies and plan for healthcare costs in retirement. Additionally, they provide guidance on estate planning, including wills, trusts, and charitable giving, to ensure that clients’ assets are protected and distributed according to their wishes. Proper planning can result in more assets being available at death to achieve more intended outcomes for the deceased.

Monitoring progress and adapting plans

Financial advisors play a proactive role in monitoring the progress towards long-term financial goals. Through regular reviews and performance assessments, advisors track the success of the financial plan and make necessary adjustments to keep the client on track. With a focus on long-term success, advisors ensure that the financial plan remains relevant and effective in helping clients achieve their objectives. Unplanned life events can wreak havoc on a financial plan, hence the necessity to monitor the progress of the plan on a regular basis.

Providing reassurance and confidence

Long-term financial planning can be complex and overwhelming for individuals. Financial advisors provide reassurance, guidance, and expertise throughout the journey, instilling confidence in clients that their financial future is secure. By acting as a trusted partner, advisors empower clients to navigate the uncertainties of the financial markets and stay focused on their long-term objectives. Much of the assurance and peace of mind experienced by an individual is often linked to education provided by the advisor during the ongoing interactions with the individual.

In summary, the role of financial advisors in long-term financial planning is indispensable for individuals seeking to build wealth, secure their retirement, and establish a solid financial legacy. By leveraging the expertise and guidance of financial advisors, clients can navigate the complexities of long-term financial planning with confidence and clarity, ultimately working towards financial security and success.




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