Martin RSG interview 11012019 saving for your childrens education

Saving for your children’s education

By Martin de Kock (CFP®) and Inge Lamprecht (RSG)


Back to school month is often a jolt back to reality. It is a month when many parents realise they may never be able to save enough for their children's education.

Martin de Kock gives some sound advice chatting to RSG's Inge Lamprecht in studio about when and how to start, the art of budgeting efficiently,the most beneficial education savings vehicles, and how to  involve your kids in the saving and budgeting process.

Martin also gives great advice on what to keep in mind when structuring your will to ensure your young children are taken care of when you cannot any longer. With a little bit of long-term planning, you can give your children the best gift you are able to give them.


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