You can’t pick every year’s winner

Martin you cant pick every years winner Moneyweb11June2017

You can’t pick every year’s winner

Martin de Kock of Ascor® chats to Ryk van Niekerk on fee structure, managing client expectations and medical aid for middle class families.


In the accompanying podcast and transcription, Martin de Kock, a director of Ascor Independent Wealth Managers, chats to Moneyweb editor Ryk van Niekerk about his path to becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®).


Martin elaborates on Ascor’s policy of providing fee-based advice, as opposed to the more traditional practice of offering free advice and then making commission on the products that are sold. He also explains how Ascor first consults with a client to understand his or her needs and then quotes them on providing a comprehensive financial plan.


In the discussion, Martin and Ryk also chats about Martin’s path from being a Chartered Accountant to a CFP® and how this background has stood him in good stead in offering Ascor’s comprehensive range of financial planning, investment and accounting services.


Finally, Martin and Ryk chats about medical aids, the rising cost of comprehensive medical cover and the inclusion of medical aid in financial planning.


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