Ascor® Story
Read about the story of Ascor®  and how it all started

The original story of Ascor®


The two founding shareholders of Ascor®, Wouter Fourie and Martin De Kock, met during a men's Christian camp in 2003 soon realised their dreams for the businesses has much in commom.  

They dreamed of establishing a business that would provide comprehensive Professional Financial Services. These services would include Financial Planning, Investment Management, Life insurance, Retirement Planning, Tax, Estate Planning, Administration, Auditing and Accounting - all these services under one roof.


As a qualified Professional Accountant and a Chartered Accountant they already owned and managed successful Accounting and Auditing practices. As they contemplated and dreamed about it more, it became clear that merging the two practices would be sensible. The biggest challenge with such a merger was office space. Neither of the practice offices were big enough to accommodate the  merged team.


In 2004 they decided to buy  their own office block in Apex Corporate Park. On 1 April 2005 (this is not an April’s Fool Joke) the ASCOR® group was established and moved into their new offices.


Over the years Ascor® has grown into a successful Financial Services business with 25 staff members.  Ascor® was also the first practice in South Africa to implement an internship programme for CFP®'s.


In 2013 the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) of South Africa recognized Ascor® Financial Advisors CC for its excellence and the way the business applied professional standards, by awarding Ascor® with an inaugural FPI Professional Practice™ certification. Ascor® was one of the first 3 practices in South Africa to be accredited


Today Ascor®  is home of  the best Financial Planner of the year 2015/2016, Wouter Fourie, CFP®. This award is sponsored by Personal Finance and seeks to reward the most proficient professional Financial Planner in the profession.


Through the years their mission has not changed; Ascor® aims to be recognised as the leading Independent Wealth Management Group, by being innovative and dedicated to their clients.  They strive to grow the company by applying Godly principals, offering exceptional client service, and maximising the personal worth of each individual employed by Ascor®.


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