You can be debt free by age 30

Martin You magazine 30042019

You can be debt free by age 30 By Martin de Kock You don’t need another pair of shoes. You need to save from as early on in your life as possible! Did you know you can own a debt free home by age 30? How? Good financial planning starts when you receive your first …

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You can be debt free

Martin You can be dept free moneyweb 12022019

You can be debt-free Tips to keep debt from swallowing your hard-earned money By  Martin de Kock – Ascor® Independent Wealth Managers Many of us believe that the idea of being debt-free is a pipe-dream, an unachievable feat we think of now and then. It can be done. You must just want it badly enough and …

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Financial planning for under 30 getting debt free

Financial planning for the under-30s Planning for Debt free-day (D-day) Getting debt free as the first step to enjoying a financially independent life and retirement By Wouter Fourie CFP® FPI Financial Planner of the Year 2015/2016 We were all there once. You are young, you have only recently started building your career and there are …

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