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Wouter Fourie Persoonlike finansies pension en finansieele advies Nov 2021

Personal Finance, pension and financial advisers By Wouter Fourie (CFP®) Wouter Fourie is the CEO of Ascor® Independent Wealth Management.  He is past winner of the FPI Financial Planner of the Year competition and the co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Retirement in South Africa and, Secure your retirement. Bitter min mense het in hul …

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Risk profiles are risky, advisers admit

FINANCIAL PLANNING / 18 Jun ’16, 07:25am Laura du Preez All the major providers of financial products still require your financial adviser to complete an investment risk questionnaire before they will accept investment applications from their clients, despite the fact that these questionnaires are “fundamentally flawed”, the annual conference of the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) …

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