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Carla Briers national top student SAIPA

Share this! Congratulations, Carla Briers Awarded national top student of board exam SAIPA At Ascor, we sure know how to pick them. Or perhaps they know how to pick us! Carla Briers, one of our team members in the Accounting department, was just named the national top student in the May 2018 sitting of the

How to pay zero tax in retirement

Share this! How to pay zero tax in retirement Ingé Lamprecht 1 June 2018   Ultimately, tax is only one of the various factors retirees need to take into account when structuring their financial affairs. When an acquaintance recently turned 64, he said he “couldn’t wait” for his next birthday. The people around the table

How to invest offshore, an easy guide

Share this! How to invest offshore, an easy guide By Wouter Fourie CFP® FPI Financial Planner of the year 2015/2016 Director of Ascor® Independent Wealth Managers You can invest indirectly or directly – both have various options.   Why invest offshore (outside South Africa)? South Africa represents less than one percent of the world economy

Investors must ignore short-term market noise

Share this! Investors must ignore short-term market noise Warren Buffett is a good proponent of sitting on your hands when the markets are up and down – Martin de Kock, director at Ascor Independent Wealth Managers. Ryk van Niekerk  /  10 May 2018 RYK VAN NIEKERK: Welcome to this Financial Advisor podcast – our weekly podcast where I

Top UP investment management student awarded

Share this!Ascor® Awards Top Students at UP Ascor® Independent Wealth Managers has honoured the best B.Com Investment Management students at the University of Pretoria. Every year, Ascor® awards a cash prize to the best Investment Management student. The award is handed over during a special function and this year it was attended by Ascor® MD,